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At Asia Banks, we are always excited to welcome new clients and help them integrate their businesses with our payment ecosystem. We understand the importance of seamless payment processing, especially for crypto-related merchants. Our payment gateway supports various currencies and provides an easy way to manage payments without any hassle. We also offer foreign exchange services, ensuring that

you can navigate easily in the complex world of international payments. We ensure that our platform remains compliant and secure while providing an intuitive user experience, which makes us a reliable payment processor to crypto based services in Thailand looking to enhance its payment infrastructure.

How to Choose a Crypto Payment Processor in Thailand

Selecting the right partner to your crypto business in Thailand is crucial for seamless digital payment integration into your business. Here are some important considerations when choosing a crypto payment processor.

Regulatory Compliance - Asia Banks

Compliance isn’t just about following the law and regulations. It also includes maintaining your business’s integrity and the trust of your users. Ensure that the crypto payment processor that you opt for compiles with Thai regulations and has the necessary licenses to operate.

Transaction Fees - Asia Banks

When using blockchain technology, ensure that rewards and transaction fees are transparent. These fees can directly impact your revenue and profitability.

Customer Support - Asia Banks

Reliable customer support is vital. Prompt customer support makes a huge difference in your overall experience with your crypto payment processor. Pick the service provider that offers quick and practical support to address any issues that may arise.

Settlement Options - Asia Banks

Some payment processors, like Asia Banks, offer direct settlements in local currency, while others might hold your funds and release them in a timely manner. You can decide which option suits your business.

Flexibility and Scalability - Asia Banks

Choose a payment processor that can accommodate your future growth needs. Flexibility in handling varying transaction volumes is important for long-term partnerships.

PromptPay - Asia Banks


Supports all major banks and e wallets in Thailand

Thailand QR Payment, also known as PromptPay, is a fast, convenient, and secure electronic payment method. Asia Banks stands as your trusted partner for seamless and secure PromptPay transactions in Thailand. We take pride in delivering a comprehensive PromptPay service, empowering businesses with a simple and secure way to receive funds from users instantly.

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